Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are a popular and versatile hosting solution that provide the benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. We offer a range of VPS hosting plans that are designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals alike.

Our VPS plans are built on top of a virtualized environment, which means that you have access to a private, isolated hosting space that is completely separate from other users. This provides you with the flexibility and control of a dedicated server, but without the upfront costs and ongoing maintenance.

There is range of VPS plans to suit different budgets and requirements. Entry-level plans are ideal for small businesses or individuals who require a basic hosting environment, while higher-end plans are designed for more demanding applications that require greater resources and performance.

All VPS plans come with a range of features and benefits, including root access, dedicated IP addresses, and a choice of operating systems.

Mini VPS100 GBVCPU: 12 GB RAM€6
Small VPS100 GBVCPU: 24 GB RAM€12
Medium VPS200 GBVCPU: 48 GB RAM€21
Large VPS300 GBVCPU: 816 GB RAM€40

Compute Dedicated Servers

Our Compute Dedicated Servers are built on high-performance components and offer high-speed connectivity with advanced networking and security features. All storage resources are designed for intensive use in data centers, such as cloud computing.

Cloud computing is based on the use of physical servers, such as those in the Infrastructure line. They are typically divided into virtual private servers and then configured on a network to provide a variety of resources such as applications, storage, and other computing environments. Technologies such as VMware and OpenStack can be used to build cloud computing infrastructures. You can set up a range of services such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

starter compute10core/20VCPUIntel E5 2650LV264 GB RAM€119
small compute20core/40VCPUDual Intel E5 2650LV2128 GB RAM€199
medium compute20core/40VCPUDual Intel E5 2680V2192 GB RAM€259
large compute24core/48VCPUDual Intel E5 2651V2256 GB RAM€279
encode compute32core/32VCPUDual AMD 637664 GB RAM€199

Storage Dedicated Servers

Dedicated SSD servers offer solid state storage technology or NVMe storage technology with unmatched hard drive performance at very affordable prices.

With our SSD dedicated servers, you get branded and industry standard premium high performance servers for your needs, at a cheap and affordable price.

Using SSD powered dedicated servers will instantly speed up your website, application or any project you host. It's the right disk storage solution that processors access 20 times faster on average.

SSD medium storage10x 1 TB SSDIntel E5 2650LV2 10core/20VCPU64 GB RAM€299
SSD large HiOPs storage24x 500 GB SSDDual Intel E5 2680V2, 20core/40VCPU128 GB RAM€499

X-large storage dedicated servers

Servers with more disk for archiving, backup, distributed storage, multimedia storage, or high-volume database storage. Choose servers based on the most efficient and durable disks. Optimized disk space of up to 504TB gives you the best price/storage ratio. You can add up to 45 drives to your server configuration.

HDD mini storage6x 1TB HDD6 TB storage64 GB€149
HDD starter storage12x 10 TB HDD120 TB storage128 GB€379
HDD small storage36x 1 TB HDD36 TB storage192 GB€599
HDD medium storage36x 6 TB HDD216 TB storage192 GB€889
HDD large storage45x 6 TB HDD270 TB storage192 GB€1199
HDD x-large storage45x 8 TB HDD360 TB storage192 GB€1599


Start10 GB, e-mail: 1 GBPHP limit 60s128 MB€2
Plus20 GB, e-mail: 2 GBPHP limit 120s196 MB€3
Business30 GB, e-mail: 4 GBPHP limit 240s256 MB€5
Premium40 GB, e-mail: 10 GBPHP limit 300s512 MB€8